About Ellen Ortis

Ellen has lived in Birmingham, Alabama since 2006 and has been passionate about the community from day one.  A graduate of Samford University's Department of History, her love for the city and surrounding communities only deepened through her historical research for Red Mountain Park in the early days of its creation.  Ellen holds a Master in History Education from UAB, and spent 5 years teaching History in the Woodlawn community.

Ellen was raised in the family pest management business and in her mother's interior design business, making house analysis part of her general upbringing.  This lifelong exposure and love of house-hunting made real estate an obvious choice.  

Ellen is married to Birmingham native Andrew Ortis, and enjoys exploring Birmingham the way she did in her first weeks in the city:  on foot during long training runs!  You can follow her training and real estate adventures on Instagram:  @runningrealtorBHM


Q: How do you pronounce your last name?
A:  It sounds like "Or-tees."   It's Cajun.